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Dear Guest: We are pleased to announce that after the addition of Intertur Hotels by Mallorcan Hotel Chain Alua Hotels & Resorts, as from November 1 2017, the hotels will be renamed as: Alua Hawaii Mallorca & Suites Alua Palmanova Bay AluaSun Miami Ibiza Apartamentos Alua Miami Ibiza Alua Hawaii Ibiza You can rest assured, that this change of identity will not affect any of the quality standards offered so far. The intention of Alua Hotels & Resorts is to bring our values closer, evolve and improve the facilities to satisfy all your demands, providing you with a better experience and an unforgettable stay. We want to project our Mediterranean origin, based on the gastronomy of our qualified Chefs and show our lifestyle, trying to make your stay easier and more intimate. Alua Hotels & Resorts has more than twenty years of experience in Hotel Chain Management. When a hotel becomes Alua, it is updated, transformed, renewed, adapts to the new demands of the current market and advances towards competitiveness. It certainly brings value to the hotel and you benefit from it. Alua Hotels & Resorts has a total of 14 hotels distributed between Mallorca, Ibiza, Fuerteventura and Tenerife, adding more than 3,200 rooms to its portfolio. Thank you very much for choosing us and we hope that we can count on your presence in the future and make you part of this emotional journey that we started with/for you.


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