Experiences <strong>Adults-Only</strong>

Experiences Adults-Only

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Alua Hotels & Resorts offers an enticing choice of experiences for adults wishing to have an unforgettable time. The Alua experiences are divided into solar and lunar parts as the sun and moon help to organise daily activities for adults to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

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Solar experiences. These experiences take place during the day. During daylight hours we offer: sports classes with tennis, paddle tennis and diving, yoga, reiki and shiatsu classes to help you relax; nutritional and vegetarian culinary workshops; international cuisine with sushi, pizza, fresh pasta and Asian and Mexican food; secrets know-hows revealed by famous chefs and the chance to plan classes that you like.

Lunar experiences. These are experiences that start when the moon starts to rise in the sky. Enjoy night-time experiences like cocktail classes, couple’s massages, meditation and astronomy classes. We also organise classes related to your preferences.

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