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About us Alua Hotels & Resorts

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About us Alua Hotels & Resorts

14 hoteles
14 hoteles
4 destinos
4 destinos

Thanks to a team with more than twenty years of experience, we know the market very well. This allows us to understand the trends and design a flexible, customised solution for each product and thus set ourselves apart from everyone else in the market.

When a hotel becomes part of Alua, it is updated, transformed, renovated and adapted to the demands of the current market in order to improve competitiveness. We undoubtedly add value to the asset and the product.

Nuestros valores


Experience Alua is formed by professionals with an average of 20 years experience in the tourism sector and specifically in the hotel industry.

Commitment We have a social and environmental commitment in order to protect present and future generations.

Tranquillity Calm and fluidity because the foundations of our company focus on the good work of the organisation, both internally and externally.

Sustainability Environmentally sustainable business practices and a determined mentality in moving towards an increasingly responsible model.

Honesty We strive for impeccable conduct at work. We are faithful to our principles.

Focused on the client

Service - Professionalism Our goal is to offer an unbeatable product and service. Our professionalism focuses on the passion for continuous improvement towards excellence as a way of working.

Originality Promote classic holiday tourism with enthusiasm, new ideas and the latest trends.

Flexibility We adapt to the needs of each area in order to offer unique services to all generations.

Guarantee Alua is synonymous with quality, service and unbeatable assistance. Modern settings, bright spaces, unforgettable experiences and exquisite gastronomy…. Alua offers perfect holidays by the sea.

Quality Quality is excellence, value, class and aptitude... Our objective is to offer the customer the highest quality possible and continue improving.

Innovation Constant commitment to innovation, with the aim of improving the holidays of even the most technologically savvy customers.

El universo Alua


After spending all winter waiting for your special holiday, you won’t be disappointed by Alua. Located in unbeatable beach destinations, the Alua Hotels & Resorts are everything the guest could hope for and much more.
These 4-star hotels, are all on the sea front or a few metres from the beach. The rooms and facilities are prepared to ensure you enjoy a few days of intimacy with your partner or fun with the whole family.

Alua Sun

We know how important holidays are for you and how much it costs to get these days of deserved rest. Alua Sun is the deserved reward after an intense year of work. This line of Alua has beautiful 3 and 4 star hotels located on islands and exceptional coastlines, where you can enjoy unforgettable moments by the sea.
Enjoy the sun and the beach at the best prices. This cool, modern and fun environment is the perfect place where all members of the family will be satisfied. Enjoy the facilities specially designed to satisfy the needs and wants of all generations.

Alua Village

Alua Village is specially designed for families. 4 star superior hotels, totally remodelled, modern, with all the comforts and exquisite service. Enjoy a holiday in this wonderful location right on the beach, with a fresh, fun and modern atmosphere.
Have fun in our facilities with the latest technology and excellent service. Savour a rich gastronomic offering and get ready to experience a unique and charming holiday personalised to meet everyone’s expectations. After so many months of hard work, Alua Village is just what you and your family deserve.

Alua Soul

Alua offers you the possibility to enjoy a different type of holiday only for adults. Choose a stay for just you and your partner. Alua Soul are 4 star superior hotels where calm, relaxation, attention to detail and an exclusive service are the most important things. Surround yourself with modern facilities, bright rooms with excellent amenities, an exquisite cuisine and the latest technologies.
Let yourself be swept away by a host of different experiences. Enjoy the latest activities such as wine tasting or cocktail courses. Receive an excellent service designed for the most demanding of guests and enjoy the wellness spa, fitness areas and Balinese beds or choose from a selection of pillows to ensure you get the best nights rest. It takes a lot of effort to get to summer and Alua Soul is the best way to celebrate after a year of hard work.


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